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Welcome to Ibn Majid
 Ibn majid is the leading company in engineering and construction. We provide equipment and infrastructure support that enable utility and industrial customers enhance their performance. Our international partners rely on our through knowledge to enter the rich Iraq market which has just opened its frontiers. The Basra Ibn Majid operates nationwide and has contacts with the main actors of the eastern markets.
Industry solution at hand
 Ibn Majid Company was established in 1990 to satisfy Basra and southern region industrial needs.The company originally started as a key supplier for the marine industry and developing its expertise and production to serve most of the other industrial sectors of Iraq. The company now has 1600 employees including 150 skilled engineers and 200 administrative experts: a team which has been able to build on the critical embargo condition to enhance their strategic strength and skills to produce all domestic needs. after the second gulf war the company went through an intense updating program, both in capital and human recourse. 
The company has specializing in production, field fabrication, installation and maintenance of products made from carbon steel, and aluminum.Originally the company s main role was to provide engineering support and consultancy for all the state owned enterprises in heavy industry. The management has now divided its core business into two branches serving two markets- heavy industry and consumer- for manufactured products and service.Ibn Majid can now provide a wade variety of engineering services to suit the needs of most companies,to serve production runs of mechanical components, steel fabrication and parts repair.Immediately after the second gulf war the company started operations, with a wider variety of services and expertise with a commensurate rang of work with exports to many parts of the world.It is now the only company in the south of Iraq specialized in manufacturing equipment and supply complementary consultancy services for heavy industry. Our staff and engineers have been leading projects involving welding, cutting and rolling of the most modern and common types of steel plates, including carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel in addition to aluminum and brass, in order to maximize the efficiency of the oil industries and electrical and power plants.
Ibn Majid State Company is the unique Industrial Specialist Base in southern of Iraqi as it is concerned with manufacturing and supplying heavy engineering equipments needed by Electrics ,Industry and Oil Sectors Companies in south territory of Iraq. Ibn Majid State Company have the manpower , materials and the expertise required repair and rehabilitations, bridges. Power Stations, other electrical projects through anticipating its staff directly and actively in the rehabilitation and repairing campaigns of Power Stations which were made for such these stations and manufacturing and installation spare parts, steel structures, tanks power stations are in very need for.
1- Identification and specialization of the company :
1.1. Ibn Majid State Company is specialized in manufacturing heavy engineering equipments through its implementation for different welding, cutting and rolling plates for different types of metals ( Carbon steel, S.Sat alloy steel) fulfillment the requirements of oil and industrial sectors in addition to its specializations in the field of marine manufacture, steel structures and bridges. 
1.2. The company possesses the manpower and expertise required for implementation site erection and reconstruction for oil , industrial projects and Crud Oil Marine Terminal.

2. Current and Future Possibilities of the company: 
The company is consisted of three main factories in addition to the departments and supporting directorates which are: 
a. As-Salam Factory: 
It is specialized in manufacturing marine units, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, steel structures of bridges of weights more than 10 tone and not exceeded 50 tons.
b. An-Naser Factory: 
It is specialized in manufacturing tanks of its different types and sizes, heat exchangers, steel structures its weights not exceeded 10 tons.
c. Al-Wafaa Factory: 
It is specialized in manufacturing tanks by its different types and sizes , pressure vessels and steel structures weighing not more than 5 tons. 
d. Central Workshop: 
It is specialized in manufacturing all accessories the company are in need for.
3. Costumers 
1. South Oil Company.
2. Iron & steel company
3. Hartha electric power station
4. State company of paper mill.
5. State company of fertilizers.
6. State company of oil refineries in southern area.
7. State company for water supply and sewerage systems.
8. Local markets.

4. Quality Control Department
The role of this department is supervision and inspection the quality of the
products of the company and audit all stages of production, make the 
required examination for the raw materials as well as engineering tests for 
the products and periodical tests for welders. This department contain the 
following tests:
1. X-ray test.
2. Visual test
3. Dye penetrate liquid test.
4. Ultrasonic test.
5. Mechanical test.
6. Chemical test.
7. Hydrostatic test.












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